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Group Classes
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Friday, December 13, 2019
One on One Spanish Classes  Spanish Group Classes  


Group Spanish Classes

Come and enjoy a shared language learning experience that fits your needs. The more you speak a new language, the faster you learn. In PrivateSpanishTeacher.com's Small Group classes you will spend more class time using your new language. You’ll receive the personal attention you need while practicing your new language skills in small groups of  up to four people.

PrivateSpanishTeacher.com Small Group offers:

  • Interactive language instruction using our unique methodology
  • Individualized learning with small class size - maximum 4 students
  • Convenient schedules – classes meet twice a week.

Within this option, you can choose to be part of a Two-Student Course or a Small Group Course (from 3 to 4 students) 

    Two-Student Courses
No. Students   2
Duration   25 hours
Frequency   1 classes per week
Level   Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
Age Range   15 yrs. plus
Schedule   To Be Determined according to student's availability
    Small Group Courses
No. Students   Min. 3 / Max. 4
Duration   25 hours
Frequency   1 class per week
Level   Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
Age Range   15 yrs. plus
Schedule   To Be Determined according to student's availability


For start dates, pricing and details email us at info@privatespanishteacher.com or call (843) 868-1577 


In addition, you have the option of attending our free student's activities for the month covering different topics of cultural interest in Latin America. We know that for a language course to be successful, it is not enough to offer excellent teaching. Other factors, such as socio-cultural aspects, also play an important part in its success. See Calendar of Events in the left column for more information.

    Spanish Group Classes